About Horn of Africa

HORN OF AFRICA (ISSN 0161-4703) is published annually by Horn of Africa Journal. The editors invite the submission of articles, comments, reports and reviews that pertain to the study of affairs in the Horn of Africa and neighboring countries. We also from time to time accept articles of worldwide relevance. The views expressed in articles, commentaries and reviews are those of individual authors and should not be construed as representing those of the editors, or the publisher. As a refereed journal, HORN OF AFRICA assigns at least two expert evaluators to each scholarly contribution submitted for publication. The Journal is indexed in the Alternative Press, in PAIS International:

To contact us, write or call:

Managing Editor
Rutgers University
329 Conklin Hall
175 University Avenue
Newark, N.J. 07102
Phone: 973.353.1124
Fax: 973.353.1193
E-mail: hornofafrica@newark.rutgers.edu

Founder/Publisher and Editor-at-Large:
Osman S. Ali

Said S. Samatar

Managing Editor:
Maureen K. O’Rourke

Associate Editors:
Paulos Milkias
Maimire Mennasemay
Annette Sheckler
Hamdesa Tuso




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